Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True

“Human beings are capable of virtually limitless degradation; they are also capable of virtually limitless improvement and achievement. Success depends on goals and on diligence in pursuing them.       ~ Masutatsu Oyama ~

“What is your dream?” That is my favorite question that I’m asking my friends, my students, and complete strangers. What makes me sad is when I hear: “I don’t have a dream”.
To me dreams are the engine of our civilization. Everything that we enjoy nowadays – TV, cars, cruises, computers, internet and the list goes on and on are real manifestation of someone’s dreams. Our dreams are what move our society forward. And every person’s dreams are what move that individual forward. It is said that a person without a dream is like a ship in the sea without a rule. I couldn’t agree more with that! Just imagine the infinite ocean and your “ship” is there left on the mercy of currents and winds. It is scary, isn’t it?
That is why I feel sorry for people that don’t have dreams.
I think that a person is alive only when he or she has a dream. When you have a dream you have everything! You have energy, you have stamina, courage, power, enthusiasm, desire, motivation…Kickboxer-jean-claude-van-damme-1577421-320-434

To practice karate was a huge dream of mine. I was a 12-year old boy when I watched “Kickboxer” with Jeanne-Claude Van Dam. I immediately wanted to start practicing karate. However, at that time I was living with my parents in a very small village and it was impossible for me to begin. I just continued to watch that movie again and again. I wanted to become good like Jeanne-Claude one day. I had to wait three long years until I went to “the big city” – Ruse to continue my education. Meanwhile my older brother had started practicing Kyokushin Karate so he introduced me to that style.
After 3 years of practicing my teacher Sensei Rumen Kalinov and I went to watch the European Championships in Bucharest, Romania. It was an unforgettable experience for me. I was looking at the Bulgarian fighters and saying to myself: “Wow, they are so good!” I couldn’t belive that I could come close to them. Little did I know that after 6-7 years I was going to be a member of the Bulgarian National Team and it was then that I won 2 Silver Medals in the heavyweight category for my country. Not bad for a country boy.:)

During the time I was a competitor, it happened that Jeanne-Claude Van Damme was making a movie in Bulgaria. He was invited at a very popular evening talk show. I watched him with great interest and a thought dawned on me: “Gosh, I’m good like him”.

My dream came true!
Now I have another dream. My dream is to inspire others to start working on their dreams!


Senpai Valentin

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