Become a Champion

Become a Champion


The Real Champion is not only the one with the Gold Medal! You could be a Champion even with Silver or Bronze, or even without a medal at all.

Everybody could be a Champion, I will call them “Champion by Heart”!

My definition of a “Champion by Heart” is the one, who can give everything from himself/herself. You can give everything from yourself, you can go above and beyond your own expectations and you can still not become a Medal-Champion, but you’re a Champion by Heart.

From my own experience I can give you 7 steps to become a Champion!

1. Have a DREAM!

Whatever you decide to do you need a DREAM. Your dream might change, might evolve, but you need it. I started practicing karate because I wanted to be like Jean Claude V.D. I watched one of his movies as a kid and I wanted to be able to kick like him.

2. Have a COACH

You have a dream, so you need someone that is going to teach you. In karate that is your teacher, your coach. If you have a good coach – that is a blessing from the Universe. Every coach is different and everyone of them is going to take part in your development. Be grateful for every coach that you have. I had several great coaches, I was truly blessed. Now my students are going to be truly blessed, leveraging all my coaches through me, don’t you think?

3. Show up and Consistency

A dream and a coach – that is a good start. And here is your first challenge – you need to show up. Somebody has to do the things that your coach is going to show you. Show up – doesn’t mean show off. You need Consistency. Don’t miss a class, a practice, or seminar. If you’re not consistent forget about your dream, forget about being a Champion. I showed up every class. Did I have always the mood? NOooo… But when you show up, when you see your partners, your coach – everything changes.

4. Practice, Practice, Practice

Next is Practice – that is the simple Secret for Success. Nothing is going to happen if you don’t practice. Practice with all your heart, practice with all your passion! There is no other way, there is no short cut. Practice little – get little results, practice more – get more results. I still practice at home very often, in my room, where I leave. With your everyday Practice comes the next step to becoming a Champion:

5. Confidence

Confidence is this amazing state of your mind, where you’re saying to yourself “I CAN DO THAT! DID YOU SEE THAT? I’M GOOD AT WHAT I DO!” When I become confident in my karate skills then I can become confident in almost every other area in my life. Your confidence is the first most important step to becoming a Champion! Why? Because once you become confident in yourself, in your skills, in your performance then you start to:

6. Believe

Only after you start to Believe only then everything starts to change and unfold! You change the people around you, your change the circumstances around you, you change the world around. Belief is so powerful that no one can take it from you! When I was 18 years old, after 3 years of practicing karate I went to watch a European Championship in Bukurest, Romania. Little did I know that in several years I was going to be on the podium. I didn’t even think at that time that I can be so good to compete for my country.

When you start to Believe, you Become a Champion by Heart, you become Real Champion.

7. Last but not least: Do Not Give Up! Do not give up! Do not give up!

To give up is the easiest thing to do. Any moment we can give up many things. The Champions don’t give up. Yes, they have their doubts and fears, they are human beings. Do they think to give up? Sometimes, yes. I did it several times, but I found my way to continue. Especially if you don’t have the results that you expect – Giving up is the first possible option, no doubt. You can give up many things, but one thing Champions do is they don’t give up on themselves.

Sempai Valentin Krastev

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