Out of Your Comfort Zone

Out of Your Comfort Zone


The first time when heard about Kyokushinkai ( kio-ku-shin-kai) karate I had difficulty pronouncing it correctly. “Ko-ko-she … what, what … say it again, I asked my older brother who introduced me to Kyokushin. He was so excited: “This karate is real. We fight on 100%. Come on to show you”. I went close to him and that was such a mistake. He kicked me with a low kick in my right thigh. Wow, the pain was freezing. I started yelling at him – “Stop it, don’t show me anymore. It hurts…”.

Nevertheless it did hurt I decided that one day I will practice that “ko-ko-she…” karate. I just wanted to do real things.

Kyokushinkai is a mixture of three Japanese words and means The Society of Ultimate Truth.
Following the ultimate truth is not an easy thing, that I can guarantee one hundred percent. Karate Kyokushin is a huge challenge. It is a challenge for the body, the mind and the soul. In order to practice Kyokushin karate you need to embrace many challenges on your way to the top. 

In other words you need to get out of your comfort zone.

I’ve recently heard the concept about the comfort zone from the network marketing guru Eric Worre and I was very excited about it. We call comfort zone the things that we know or surround us and that we are comfortable with. They might be good, might be bad, but we’re comfortable with them. For example I see people who are working jobs that they don’t like or have boss they don’t like and yet they are comfortable with that. They are afraid to leave because that would put them out of their comfort zone. Most people don’t like to go out of their comfort zone. But breaking that zone is the only way that a person grows. The best way to understand the comfort zone is to look at a cross section of a tree.  When you look at the cross section of a tree you’ll see concentric circles that show how that tree has grown. If you could look at a cross section of a person’s life, you’d see the same things. Each ring confirms the fact that you grew… that you broke through the bark that held you back… And each time your “comfort zone” gets expanded.

You first step on the road to greater achievement focuses on the small things you know you should but don’t feel comfortable doing. If you push yourself to do the little things that move you outside your comfort zone your confidence will begin to grow. As you build your confidence in doing the small things, you’ll slowly build your confidence to do the big things. This is how it works for all of us. We all start by building our confidence in the little things.

Kyokushin karate is exactly the same to me. We start with very basic techniques – blocks, punches and kicks until we get comfortable with them. Then we move to the next techniques, and then to the next, and next and … etc.

It looks like a tree that you planted and started taking care of. How far it would grow depends mostly of you. You really need to have a clear vision about what you want to accomplish. The most important is to practice with passion. If you have passion everything will happen eventually !

Bestselling author, Denis Waitley, who has trained countless U.S.  Olympic athletes and Astronauts said, “To achieve your dreams you must break out of your current comfort zone and become comfortable with the unfamiliar and the unknown.”


Senpai Valentin Krastev

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