Furor in Montreal – 3 fighters, 3 gold medals!

Furor in Montreal – 3 fighters, 3 gold medals!

The young kyokushin fighters from KRASTEV KYOKUSHIN ACADEMY, Toronto had an incredible debut in the fighting arena at the 26 th Fighting Spirit Championship in karate kyokushin in College Notre-Dame, Montreal, that took place on March 22, 2014. In their first ever competition David Todorovic (12y), Herman Mukendi (12y) and Kamen Valkov (12y) won gold in their respective groups.

This tournament is the most competitive one in kyokushin karate in Canada. It takes place every year in March under the leadership of  Shihan/Master/ Andre Gilbert, President of the Federation of Kyokushin of Eastern Canada. 200 fighters took place in this year’s tournament- children, adolescents, women and men.

My fighters impressed everyone with their excellent fighting skills and outmatched their opponents with a class of their own. As a trainer I was expecting a worthy performance, but they surpassed even my dreams. Montreal is the centre of Kyokushin Karate in Canada. There are presently over 30 kyokushin academies and some of those have existed and developed for 40 years. Toronto is a different story. Kyokushin karate, rightly considered by many as one of the most serious and hard karate styles, is almost unknown in Toronto. There are presently only 4 schools in kyokushin. This makes our success even more significant, considering that our club is only 2 years old.

Because of the large number of participating children the organizers built 9 fighting arenas. Children were selected according to their age, weight and belt level. David won with crushing superiority over all of his opponents. He showed a prominent control of all high feet techniques and reaped congratulations by both trainers and referees for his excellent performance. Herman also won all of his fights with superiority even though his opponents held higher belt levels. Kamen seemed to have the most difficult task, but he also got gold. Kamen is the heaviest of the three and he was selected in a group where all other fighters were bigger in size, weight and age and also held higher belt levels. It’s worth mentioning that Kamen has been training for less than a year, while David and Herman have been training since the very beginning of the school.

As their trainer I must say that I feel very proud with the success of David, Herman and Kamen. I am very satisfied that the children train diligently and that they show ambition, discipline and dedication. When we have such kind of predisposition – success comes sooner or later. What my trainees have shown fills me with confidence that while our school is still young, work is done in a professional and responsible manner. The Shihan was rather surprised that all my three fighters won first places. My answer was that this was only the beginning. We can’t be deluded. Fights in the categories for women and men proved that there are very capable and worthy competitors. My goal as a trainer from now on is one day to win the first place in  both women and  men  competitions and from there to launch an attack for the World Cup. I believe that we are on the right track and have built excellent foundation for the future.

As a former national team competitor, two times Vice European champion and already 22 years in Karate Kyokushin, I can say that anyone can start training kyokushin. But kyokushin is not for everyone! It is a very hard style which requires serious work, perseverance, ambition to perform with excellence and strong will. Kyokushin karate can be compared to Natural Selection in nature – only the Strong survive!

I wish to conclude by expressing gratitude to all of the parents, who made it possible for  our Kyokushin Academy to exist and develop. And special thanks to our biggest sponsor and benefactor – Plamen Georgiev – for providing a wonderful place and environment to develop sport mastery!

Senpai Valentin Krastev


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