New Furor in Montreal.


The traditional Eastern Canada Karate Kyokushin Championship took place on March 21st, 2015 in Montreal. In the face of a very strong competition the young karate competitors under the leadership of Sempai Valentin Krastev left once again a lasting impression.

This was the third competition in a row for the karate kids who train in KRASTEV KYOKUSHIN ACADEMY. In addition to our traditional participation in sparring, for the first time we participated in the kata tournament.

Victoria (7y), Vanessa (7y), Andrea (7y), Madeline (7y) and Lori-Ann (7y) made their debut on the kata for the youngest. Victoria performed very well and took 1 st place. Madeline was in the same group as Victoria and was close after her with second best result. In the other group Lori-Ann and Andrea were the best. After the first performance of kata Lori-Ann and Andrea had the highest and absolutely equal score, so that they had to repeat – Lori-Ann became first and Andrea – second.

Vanessa was very impressing in her kata in the group that consisted of most participants and was the most difficult. Only because of the incompetence of one of the 4 referees, she remained at third place.

We had three participants in the sparring- David T. (13y), Herman (13 y) and David M. (9y).

David T. and Herman had 3 matches each and won decisively over their opponents of the same age. David T. performed in the highest group, despite the fact that he ought to have participated in the lower category based on his belt. His performance was indeed very good and he succeeded to impose his will over the more experienced opponents.

Herman literary smashed the competition in his group. Despite that his belt was of lower category, he won decisively over all of his opponents.

David M. was second and needed just a bit more to win in his category.

Overall our young karatekas made another brilliant performance. 8 competitors – 8 medals (4 Gold, 3Silver and 1 Bronze). And now we are already thinking about the next tournament in November.

And at last but not the least, I would like to thank all parents for their full support and our benefactor – Plamen Georgiev. Thanks to Plamen KRASTEV KYOKUSHIN ACADEMY marks 3 years in existence.

In April our dojo is moving to a new location. The new address is 1083 Pape Ave, in the building of Royal Canadian Legion.


Sempai Valentin Krastev

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