Owner and head instructor Senpai Valentin started practicing Karate Kyokushin in his home city Ruse in Bulgaria. It was 1992 when Senpai Valentin entered the dojo of his first teacher – Sensei Rumen Kalinov. Under his guidance and support Senpai Valentin received a very solid foundation and understanding of Kyokushin techniques.

In 1998 Senpai Valentin moved to Varna, Bulgaria where he studied at the University of Economics Varna. During his university years he continued vigorously practicing Kyokushin together with the World Champion and 4 times European Champion Shihan Emil Kostov.

In  February  2002 Senpai Valentin participated in his first international competition in Moscow, Russia. He fought against the Russian Legend Leci Kurbanov and lost in the extension time.

In September 2002 Senpai Valentin participated in the European Championship in Varna, Bulgaria and took 5th place. That month he also achieved the level of Shodan (first degree black belt).

In December 2003 Senpai Valentin participated in the 3th Open European Kyokushin Championship in Baja, Hungary and became silver medalist.

In May 2004 Senpai Valentin took another silver medal from the European Category Championship, (+90) in Riesa, Germany, which was a qualification for the World Championship in Japan. Because of financial difficulties in the Bulgarian Karate Federation he was not able to fight in Japan.

In 2006 Senpai Valentin came to Toronto, Canada.

In January 2012 Senpai Valentin opened his own dojo: KRASTEV KYOKUSHIN KARATE ACADEMY.

In October 2015 Senpai Valentin took his Nidan (2nd degree black belt).