Program’s Focus:
Our kids after school program is completely focused on Karate and Fitness. We are not a daycare, nor do we babysit children. We offer after school karate and fitness activities thus keeping children busy and away from playing play video games, watching TV and or craving junk food.
At KRASTEV KYOKUSHIN ACADEMY kids will have the opportunity to grow healthy, strong and responsible citizens of our society. Discipline and Respect are the main virtues that we teach and promote.

Duration of the after school program:
The program will start in September and continue throughout the whole school year.

Program starts time:
Our after school program starts right after school:). The kids will be picked up every day at the end of school by our staff members and brought and taken to the Karate Academy’s location. Once all kids arrive at the dojo around 3:30pm, karate class will begin. The class will take from 50 to 60min depending on kids’ energy level.
Around 4:30pm children will have free time to catch up on the activities learned in class, finish homework, color or read quietly.

Program ends time:
Parents are expected to pick up their kids between 5:30 to 6:00pm.

What age are our Karate Kids?
Our after school program is designed for kids aged 5 to 11 years old.

What will happen to the Regular Kids Classes?
There will be no change in our regular kids’ classes. Regular Classes will continue to run Mon, Wed and Fri from 6:00pm to 6:50pm.
Kids from the after school program are welcome to stay in the regular classes if they wish.

Pick up locations:
Our location is at 1083 Pape Ave, Toronto, Ontario, the building of the Royal Canadian Legion, second floor.
We will provide a pick up from schools close to our location.
We can arrange a pick up from other schools that are located close by as long as there are 3 kids from that school.

What benefits will my kid gain from this program?
Our after school karate and fitness program teaches your kid to:
• Be confident and self-disciplined
• Increase their concentration and focus
• Build character and stamina
• Understand respect and courtesy
• Stay fit and healthy
• Master karate and self-defense techniques
• Enjoy being active

How much is the Karate and Fitness After School Program?
The monthly cost for the after school program including pick-up service is:
2 days weekly: $130.00
3 days weekly: $185.00
4 days weekly: $235.00 (includes 1 free karate uniform per year)
5 days weekly: $285.00 (includes 1 free karate uniform per year)

Registration Form

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